The entertainment world has become a daily public need, from the film industry to music. But not only about the film, the but song is also like a daily need for some people. In addition to easy listening, the reason is that western pop songs often to be popular everywhere, you know. Usually, songs that become hits are songs that have the same lyrics as stories that are often experienced by many people. So this is the most popular western pop song in the world.

My Feeling By Drake

My Feeling popularized by Drake is a very viral song in some countries in the world. This song is usually called the song “Kiki do you love me” because the lyrics in this song sound like that. This viral of the song is completed with the viral Kiki Challenge on Instagram, a challenge where someone is required to dance outside the car with the condition of the car running slowly while accompanied by the song In My Feeling, makes this song more popular.

I’ll Never Love Again By Lady Gaga

The song that released on October 5, 2018, is the soundtrack of the film A STAR IS BORN. This song will make its listener will cry if they listen until the end of this song. The meaning of this song is that when our loved ones leave us, sometimes we think that we don’t want to open our hearts to others because all our feelings are only for that person, agree?

Thank You Next By Ariana Grande

Who doesn’t know about Ariana Grande? She is a young American singer, where the songs she sings are always popular in the world, including the songs she released earlier last November, Thank you, next. This song received a positive response from world music connoisseurs to the Billboard 100 charts on the first day of release. This song is really making its listener more spirit to move on from the last love. The message to be conveyed from this song is don’t hate your ex-boyfriend, learn to love yourself more, and always believe that everything will be beautiful in time.

You Are The Reason By Calum Scott

This song by Calum Scott was released at the end of 2017, but this song is popular until now. This song tells the story of a man’s struggle to convince his lover. After he made a mistake, he ignored it. Until finally, he realized that his lover was someone who turned out to give a lot of meaning in his life, he was willing to climb every mountain and wade through every ocean just to be with his lover. For those of you who are having a lover, try singing this song and make it melt with the lyrics. This song has the meaning that never wastes your chance for someone who really cares for you. Because it just will make you feel upset.

Havana By Camila Cabello

Maybe many of you have heard a song from Camila Cabello titled Havana. Havana is one of the most popular songs in 2017. Although this song was released in the middle of 2017, this song is still popular today. The strains of music and the characteristics of how to sing have their own charm in this song. Havana’s popularity makes this song number one on official charts throughout the world. This achievement made Camila Cabello hold the longest number one position of female singers in 2017.

Kiss And Make Up By Dua Lipa

On his latest single, Dua Lipa took a Korean girl group that is currently very popular in the world, Blackpink. The song, which was released on October 18, 2018, was wrapped in a fairly thick Electronic Dance Music arrangement. The lyrics of this song have two languages, namely English and Korean.

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