How to download songs from YouTube is often sought by music fans who often listen to songs from YouTube. Indeed, streaming again from YouTube continuously can make the quota run out quickly. Especially as we all know that the amount of quota needed for streaming video is greater than streaming music that only contains sound. Therefore, downloading songs from YouTube to Mp3 is a wise choice. Actually, there are many ways that can be used to download YouTube videos to Mp3 that can be used. There are 5 different ways to download songs on YouTube. Whether it’s without an application or using an application. Some of the ways below can be done on a PC or Android.


The easiest way to download videos on YouTube is to use ytmp3. This application itself is a site created specifically for us who want to download videos from Ytmp3. Whether it’s a video trailer for a movie, a song, or something else. Following are the steps for downloading songs without an application on YouTube using Ytmp3. First of all, please open YouTube then search for the video or song you are downloading. Then copy the URL of the video. If it has been copied, then open a new tab in the browser and then open the ytmp3 site. Paste the video URL that you copied into the column provided by the site. Please, wait until the loading is complete. If you have, just click the download button that appears.


The second website that you can also use to download Mp3 from YouTube is FLVTO. Here is how to download Mp3 songs on YouTube using FLVTO. First of all please, Open YouTube, then find the video of the song you want to download. Don’t forget to copy the URL of the video. Then open the FLVTO website, then paste the YouTube video URL that you copied in the column provided in FLVTO. Then click the “CONVERT TO” button. Don’t forget the dropdown you chose Mp3 so that the song video on YouTube was downloaded as Mp3.

Next, just wait until the download is complete. Besides being able to download Mp3 songs free from YouTube, FLVTO can also be used to download Mp4 from other sites such as Metacafe Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion And much more So, this site is very versatile. Can be used to download videos from sites other than YouTube.

Add On Firefox

The third way to download Mp3 on YouTube is easier because it uses the help of add-ons, making it more practical. This method is perfect for you users of the Firefox browser on PC. The following are the steps. Open the Firefox browser on your PC, then download the YouTube mp3 dönüştürücü. mp3 Downloader add-ons. Then please open YouTube and look for the video you want to save as Mp3. If so, you will see a red button that says “DOWNLOAD mp3 of this Video”. Click the button to download. Then Firefox will automatically open a new tab that leads to the YouTube Mp3 video download link. Click the “Download” button again.


The next way to download Mp3 from YouTube is suitable for you Android users. This method will use an application called TubeMate, follow the steps below to download Mp3 videos from YouTube. Download the TubeMate application from the official website. Oh, yes. You can’t find TubeMate on the Google Play Store, so make sure you download it from the official website YouTube mp3 dönüştürücü. If TubeMate has been downloaded, double click to install. Then open the application. Look for the music video that you want to download as Mp3. Then touch the red button, then select the format “VOICE (MP3, 128k)”. There you can also see how big the file is.