Now, music has become one of the basic human needs to express their feelings. Most people listen to music every day, both while in the car, while waiting for traffic, or when they are in the coffee shop. Everyone already knows that music can affect mood. When you are feeling upset, there is usually one more story that can restore, there is usually one more story that can restore your mood. Listening and downloading romantic western songs can influence the criteria for choosing a partner.

Based on the study, the person who had just listened to the sexy song and then downloaded the western sexy song, they would choose the partners based on their physical strengths rather than based on their characters. The rhythms of music have a long term effect on the brain such as improving memory and protecting the brain against damage. You may delay the brain’s aging process just by listening to your favorite song. Well, for those of you who are feeling upset or happy, maybe these songs are required for you as the romantic song that can make your mood better.

Jeyesslee, Officially Missing You

Even the original singer of this song is Tamia, it turns out that the Jayesslee version sounds lighter and softer. Usually, this western song download is heard by someone who is missing someone. The lyrics of downloading  Western songs to describe the feelings for someone who is missing someone who is in his past, and it seems that someone here has a high sense of prestige to contact the persons he longs so. Is anyone in that position? Of course, so many people feel that.

Westlife, My Love

This one work is indeed known as one of the most romantic downloads of an old western song that must be heard. Some even say that this one Westlife work is timeless work. The romantic lyrics with an ear-catching rhythm have succeeded in the bewitching many music lovers of his time until the sales figures in the UK reached 300 thousand copies.

M2M, the day you went away

Who is not familiar with M2M, the Norwegian duo group fronted by Marit Larsen and Marion Raven had become a music icon for young people in the millennium last era. By playing the instrument itself when performing live, this makes it unique for this group. Although, they have decided to disband in 2002. However, their works are actually still enjoyed. One of them is ” The Day You Went Away”, a friendly download of pop western songs in our ear. The lyrics itself revolve around a girl who lost their love.

Carpenters, closet to you

This song is indeed quite old. Released in 1970, downloading this old western song is also no less fun to listen to. Although this western song is very old or even you haven’t been born when the song was released, but this western song is still very easy listening and can make you feel more peaceful. You will feel so relax when listening to this song. The song was on the Korean drama She Was Pretty and The Simpson.

Bee Gees, How Deep Is Your Love?

The next romantic old song is from the legend, Bee Gees. Their western song titled “How Deep Is Your Love” has a soft and romantic melody. So it is not surprising if this western song which won the Best Pop Performance by a Group category at the 20th Grammy Awards in 1978 was included in the 10 most romantic songs in the world.

Whitney Houston, I’ll Always Love You

Who is not familiar with western songs from Whitney Houston? The song that has been played in the world’s largest fountain, Dubai Fountain has been named as one of the all-time downloads of romantic songs. The song titled “I’ll Always Love You” also won 16 awards from 1993 to 1994 and topped the Billboard 100 charts for 14 weeks in 1992. This song is one of the most romantic songs in the world that can make you cry when listening to this song then remind to your last love.

Nat King Cole, L-O-V-E

The next song can be an inspiration for you when you want to apply for a lover. Most of you must be quite familiar with downloading this western song. Because there are so many popular musicians who have done the cover of this song and included in their album, let’s say Joss Stone, Michael Buble, Olivia Ong, and Diana Krall. This is what makes some people And the answer is Nat King Cole. For those who might still not know about Nat King Cole, he was an American jazz singer and pianist born in 1919 and died in 1965. This song was released with the same album title in 1965. This song does sound very romantic but still sounds fun.