The country music genre is one of the favorite genres of music today. In Indonesia, this type of music may not be too popular, but the country is able to be famous in other parts of the world, especially the United States, where many of the most popular western country songs. Country music is indeed synonymous with western music.

So what are the best western country song lists of all time from now to now? Country music is indeed quite famous nowadays. There are many of the best country singers who have been there for a long time, let’s say, George Jones, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and others. They are known to often produce famous country songs and are popular today.

Take Me Home By John Denver

The first song that will make you miss your home and family is Take Me Home by John Denver. This song is arguably the most popular song in the whole world that is known across generations because the lyrics are very touching. The song, released in 1971, describes a countryside in Virginia, United States. The song that is also widely sung by modern country singers is reviewed as a poetic song to describe home and a journey.

Temporary Home By Carrie Underwood

The song that was created by Luke Laird and Zac Maloy, was released in 2009. The lyrics tell a feeling about someone who is always moving home, changing father and mother, which makes a child has to adjust to his life again. Temporary Home delivered the singer nominated as Best Female Country Vocal Performance in the 53rd Grammy Awards. Surely, this song will make you wanna go home and see your family.

Coming Home By Gwyneth Partlow

This song is one of the soundtracks in the film “Country Strong” which was also sung on the Academy Awards stage. This song is a song that tells about a house as a shelter that always accepts someone to return. When a person suffers and fails out there, his past at home will be a cure for a struggle. So, this song is has a message that the best thing in the world is family. The family is the best place that will accept you for who you are.

Glee Cast By Homeward  Bound /Home

This mash-up song was successfully put together from two songs that were already strong in the message. It starts with lyrics that describe the atmosphere of the train before someone goes home and creates a nostalgia that the old abandoned house has never changed. When you see the video in the Glee episode “Thanksgiving”, you will be even more moved by seeing an old friend meeting when everyone has left with their respective affairs.

Home By Black Shelton

This song is more popular when sung by Michael Buble, but the original singer of this song is a country singer, Blake Shelton. Teenagers must also be familiar with this song. When someone who lives in a distant place there must be your feeling to go home and feel a romantic longing for home as the best place to live when you hear this song. Tata ballad music increasingly makes the mood lively, especially coupled with the decline of rain. This song will make you feeling longing so much to your family.

Turning Home By David Nail

The song successfully delivered the singer David Nail nominated at the 53th Grammy Awards together with Carrie Underwood for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. The song is also in the 20th position on the US Billboard Hot Country Song charts. The narrative of this song re-describes the atmosphere of school time and his desire to return to his hometown.

Silent House By Dixie Chicks

The song released in 2006 tells a sad lyrics about the memory of a “home”. This song is presented by Chicks for his grandmother who suffered Alzheimer’s for 10 years. The narrative depicted is a dark story that wants to be forgotten when returning home with a description of a room full of memory. This song will make us realize that family is the most important thing in the world and in our life.

Home By Daughtry

The band formed by Chris Daughtry. As we know that Chris Daughtry is from the American Idol. The song, released in 2007, climbed at number 5 in Billboard 100 for several weeks before the album Daughtry was released. House is described as the place it should be. When someone long leaves home and decides to return.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas From Rascal Flats

This song was sung a lot by musicians like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. The original song was sung by Bing Rosby which was released in 1943. The song tells the story of soldiers and soldiers who devote their lives in distant places, giving rise to the tradition that Christmas is the waiting time to go home. Some singers who sang back this song including Rascal Flats have a purpose to capture a song that is very meaningful for people who feel the same feeling.