Today, anyone can be good at playing music easily. The important this is you must pay intention to learn, prepare musical instruments to be mastered, as well as tutorial videos that are spread on YouTube, learning to play music automatically is easy to realize. For example, for those of you who are learning to play guitar, sharpen your skills by playing the best line of songs that have this easy guitar chord. So this is the five recommended songs for the guitar beginners.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing By Aerosmith

Even though it is classified as an old rock song, but music lovers certainly agree that I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is a timeless song that is still good to listen to any time. The song that explores Steve Tyler’s distinctive vocal abilities turns out to have a simple chord that can be mastered by the newbie easily. Besides, having a young rhythm followed by guitar beginners, this song also has lyrics that are quite touching. So, you can learn to play this song by using a guitar while remembering your past love story.

Sugar By Maroon Five

Learning guitar while seducing your girlfriend can really do you while playing this song. Guaranteed to make her melting when she is listening, even though you are still a newbie and not yet as an expert like Adam Levine. But before that, it’s good to practice at home before acting in front of him so that the results are more amazing. This song that is quite easy listening will definitely make your boyfriend feel more love.

A Thousand Years By Christina Perri

Surely, most people in the world listen to this song. The song, which is popular as one of THE TWILIGHT SAGA’s soundtracks, does have beautiful melodies and deep lyrics. No wonder that this song has held the title of champion on famous song charts throughout the world. For those who are learning guitar, this song is easy to play because it only uses basic chords like G, C, A minor and F. So, learn this song and practice in front of your girlfriend. It will make her love you more.

Someone Like You By Adele

Playing guitar can be one way to express your feelings. If you happen to want to express the feeling of being broken again, SOMEONE LIKE YOU from Adele can be the right choice. The simple basic chord of this song is easy to play for those who are learning to play guitar. The song that tells about separation from someone are always painful. However, we must remain convinced that someday we will find someone who loves us more than he does. Playing this song by using a guitar can make you feel more relaxed and happy to be upset.

Pumped Up Kicked By Foster People

This song that has an energetic rhythm is really fun to be sung acoustically with a guitar. The chord also turns out to be uncomplicated, because it involves simple tones like E minor, G, D, and A. Want to try singing this song as well when learning guitar later? Of course, it will be very fun. Besides you can train your skills in playing guitar. You can also hone your skills in singing.Before starting to practice, it’s important for you to know how to play and how to hold the right guitar. Sit on the chair comfortably. Hold your back and shoulders. Hold the guitar body close to your stomach and chest. Then hold the neck of the guitar with the left hand in the shape of a V the thumb on the back and the remaining 4 fingers in front. Hold the guitar body with the help of your right foot. Then, try pressing the strings in origin, starting from slow to fast, to practice balance. Not all guitar strings immediately sound melodious when picked, especially when it was first purchased. For this reason, the guitar strings need to be tuned or adjusted so that the voltage is right and produces a pleasant sound when picked.Now, as a beginner, learning how to tuning guitar strings is important, because it can make your ears accustomed to hearing the right tone.