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What is tubidy?

Tubidy is one of the most popular search engines for music and video music in the world. This search engine allows you to download music from any types of effortless. This app also offers many benefits for its users.

How tubidy works?

While their consumer search for videos and music that they desire, they are checking to their entire third-party sources for finding the searched keyword that their consumer typed. Each result that they find, all of them will be released in a comfortable list to read on their search page. After the consumer find which is the right result that they are searching for, the next step is clicked into the download button. The tubidy system will generate the download page for their consumer to download. Wait for while till the download get ready in the download page. After all of the preparation is ready, the next step is choosing the format option that you want to download, whether it is a video file or just an audio file.

Download tubidy apps for android

Recently, there are new services available from tubidy for their loyal consumer. Tubidy apps are available for their consumer to make download videos and audio from any sources easier without cost a penny. This app gives their consumer benefit as it does not cost much, but also allows you to download HD quality video from any sources, include Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and many more.  You also can download high-quality MP3 from this site.

Tubidy features

There are many things that you can do with tubidy besides downloading and watching videos or music. Take a look at the features below to understand the features of tubidy.

  • Easy user interface. Everyone can use Tubidy with ease without high technology skill or knowledge. Tubidy interface is quite impressive. The theme and layout from Tubidy on the website are pleasing to your eyes and look classy. There is a list of popular search, library and search box tool. There is a toggle menu in the right corner of the main page to log in or see the playlist.

  • Watching videos. Tubidy is specialized to allow users to watch their favorite videos. Watching videos in Tubidy is free.

  • Download videos. Tubidy has features for download videos and music. The downloaded files can be directed to your computer or mobile phone. You can choose to download the videos and music in any format of 3gp and mp4. The search box also shows how big the file size.

  • Convert and download any formats into mp3. The good thing from this website you can choose the format that you want to download while you are watching or listening to it.

  • Create your own playlist. Other goals things from this app are it allows you to make a playlist that you most favorite. You can make a playlist as many as you want with songs and files.

All of these features go to work well with the apps for android and website. Which one that best for you, you can through both as it secure for any platform. Install the apps in a mobile device will make you easier to access.

The 5 Recommended Song For The Guitar Beginners

Today, anyone can be good at playing music easily. The important this is you must pay intention to learn, prepare musical instruments to be mastered, as well as tutorial videos that are spread on YouTube, learning to play music automatically is easy to realize. For example, for those of you who are learning to play guitar, sharpen your skills by playing the best line of songs that have this easy guitar chord. So this is the five recommended songs for the guitar beginners.

I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing By Aerosmith

Even though it is classified as an old rock song, but music lovers certainly agree that I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is a timeless song that is still good to listen to any time. The song that explores Steve Tyler’s distinctive vocal abilities turns out to have a simple chord that can be mastered by the newbie easily. Besides, having a young rhythm followed by guitar beginners, this song also has lyrics that are quite touching. So, you can learn to play this song by using a guitar while remembering your past love story.

Sugar By Maroon Five

Learning guitar while seducing your girlfriend can really do you while playing this song. Guaranteed to make her melting when she is listening, even though you are still a newbie and not yet as an expert like Adam Levine. But before that, it’s good to practice at home before acting in front of him so that the results are more amazing. This song that is quite easy listening will definitely make your boyfriend feel more love.

A Thousand Years By Christina Perri

Surely, most people in the world listen to this song. The song, which is popular as one of THE TWILIGHT SAGA’s soundtracks, does have beautiful melodies and deep lyrics. No wonder that this song has held the title of champion on famous song charts throughout the world. For those who are learning guitar, this song is easy to play because it only uses basic chords like G, C, A minor and F. So, learn this song and practice in front of your girlfriend. It will make her love you more.

Someone Like You By Adele

Playing guitar can be one way to express your feelings. If you happen to want to express the feeling of being broken again, SOMEONE LIKE YOU from Adele can be the right choice. The simple basic chord of this song is easy to play for those who are learning to play guitar. The song that tells about separation from someone are always painful. However, we must remain convinced that someday we will find someone who loves us more than he does. Playing this song by using a guitar can make you feel more relaxed and happy to be upset.

Pumped Up Kicked By Foster People

This song that has an energetic rhythm is really fun to be sung acoustically with a guitar. The chord also turns out to be uncomplicated, because it involves simple tones like E minor, G, D, and A. Want to try singing this song as well when learning guitar later? Of course, it will be very fun. Besides you can train your skills in playing guitar. You can also hone your skills in singing.Before starting to practice, it’s important for you to know how to play and how to hold the right guitar. Sit on the chair comfortably. Hold your back and shoulders. Hold the guitar body close to your stomach and chest. Then hold the neck of the guitar with the left hand in the shape of a V the thumb on the back and the remaining 4 fingers in front. Hold the guitar body with the help of your right foot. Then, try pressing the strings in origin, starting from slow to fast, to practice balance. Not all guitar strings immediately sound melodious when picked, especially when it was first purchased. For this reason, the guitar strings need to be tuned or adjusted so that the voltage is right and produces a pleasant sound when picked.Now, as a beginner, learning how to tuning guitar strings is important, because it can make your ears accustomed to hearing the right tone.

The Top Romantic Song Of All Time That You Must Listen

Now, music has become one of the basic human needs to express their feelings. Most people listen to music every day, both while in the car, while waiting for traffic, or when they are in the coffee shop. Everyone already knows that music can affect mood. When you are feeling upset, there is usually one more story that can restore, there is usually one more story that can restore your mood. Listening and downloading romantic western songs can influence the criteria for choosing a partner.

Based on the study, the person who had just listened to the sexy song and then downloaded the western sexy song, they would choose the partners based on their physical strengths rather than based on their characters. The rhythms of music have a long term effect on the brain such as improving memory and protecting the brain against damage. You may delay the brain’s aging process just by listening to your favorite song. Well, for those of you who are feeling upset or happy, maybe these songs are required for you as the romantic song that can make your mood better.

Jeyesslee, Officially Missing You

Even the original singer of this song is Tamia, it turns out that the Jayesslee version sounds lighter and softer. Usually, this western song download is heard by someone who is missing someone. The lyrics of downloading  Western songs to describe the feelings for someone who is missing someone who is in his past, and it seems that someone here has a high sense of prestige to contact the persons he longs so. Is anyone in that position? Of course, so many people feel that.

Westlife, My Love

This one work is indeed known as one of the most romantic downloads of an old western song that must be heard. Some even say that this one Westlife work is timeless work. The romantic lyrics with an ear-catching rhythm have succeeded in the bewitching many music lovers of his time until the sales figures in the UK reached 300 thousand copies.

M2M, the day you went away

Who is not familiar with M2M, the Norwegian duo group fronted by Marit Larsen and Marion Raven had become a music icon for young people in the millennium last era. By playing the instrument itself when performing live, this makes it unique for this group. Although, they have decided to disband in 2002. However, their works are actually still enjoyed. One of them is ” The Day You Went Away”, a friendly download of pop western songs in our ear. The lyrics itself revolve around a girl who lost their love.

Carpenters, closet to you

This song is indeed quite old. Released in 1970, downloading this old western song is also no less fun to listen to. Although this western song is very old or even you haven’t been born when the song was released, but this western song is still very easy listening and can make you feel more peaceful. You will feel so relax when listening to this song. The song was on the Korean drama She Was Pretty and The Simpson.

Bee Gees, How Deep Is Your Love?

The next romantic old song is from the legend, Bee Gees. Their western song titled “How Deep Is Your Love” has a soft and romantic melody. So it is not surprising if this western song which won the Best Pop Performance by a Group category at the 20th Grammy Awards in 1978 was included in the 10 most romantic songs in the world.

Whitney Houston, I’ll Always Love You

Who is not familiar with western songs from Whitney Houston? The song that has been played in the world’s largest fountain, Dubai Fountain has been named as one of the all-time downloads of romantic songs. The song titled “I’ll Always Love You” also won 16 awards from 1993 to 1994 and topped the Billboard 100 charts for 14 weeks in 1992. This song is one of the most romantic songs in the world that can make you cry when listening to this song then remind to your last love.

Nat King Cole, L-O-V-E

The next song can be an inspiration for you when you want to apply for a lover. Most of you must be quite familiar with downloading this western song. Because there are so many popular musicians who have done the cover of this song and included in their album, let’s say Joss Stone, Michael Buble, Olivia Ong, and Diana Krall. This is what makes some people And the answer is Nat King Cole. For those who might still not know about Nat King Cole, he was an American jazz singer and pianist born in 1919 and died in 1965. This song was released with the same album title in 1965. This song does sound very romantic but still sounds fun.

The Most Popular Country Song That Will Make You Miss Your Home

The country music genre is one of the favorite genres of music today. In Indonesia, this type of music may not be too popular, but the country is able to be famous in other parts of the world, especially the United States, where many of the most popular western country songs. Country music is indeed synonymous with western music.

So what are the best western country song lists of all time from now to now? Country music is indeed quite famous nowadays. There are many of the best country singers who have been there for a long time, let’s say, George Jones, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and others. They are known to often produce famous country songs and are popular today.

Take Me Home By John Denver

The first song that will make you miss your home and family is Take Me Home by John Denver. This song is arguably the most popular song in the whole world that is known across generations because the lyrics are very touching. The song, released in 1971, describes a countryside in Virginia, United States. The song that is also widely sung by modern country singers is reviewed as a poetic song to describe home and a journey.

Temporary Home By Carrie Underwood

The song that was created by Luke Laird and Zac Maloy, was released in 2009. The lyrics tell a feeling about someone who is always moving home, changing father and mother, which makes a child has to adjust to his life again. Temporary Home delivered the singer nominated as Best Female Country Vocal Performance in the 53rd Grammy Awards. Surely, this song will make you wanna go home and see your family.

Coming Home By Gwyneth Partlow

This song is one of the soundtracks in the film “Country Strong” which was also sung on the Academy Awards stage. This song is a song that tells about a house as a shelter that always accepts someone to return. When a person suffers and fails out there, his past at home will be a cure for a struggle. So, this song is has a message that the best thing in the world is family. The family is the best place that will accept you for who you are.

Glee Cast By Homeward  Bound /Home

This mash-up song was successfully put together from two songs that were already strong in the message. It starts with lyrics that describe the atmosphere of the train before someone goes home and creates a nostalgia that the old abandoned house has never changed. When you see the video in the Glee episode “Thanksgiving”, you will be even more moved by seeing an old friend meeting when everyone has left with their respective affairs.

Home By Black Shelton

This song is more popular when sung by Michael Buble, but the original singer of this song is a country singer, Blake Shelton. Teenagers must also be familiar with this song. When someone who lives in a distant place there must be your feeling to go home and feel a romantic longing for home as the best place to live when you hear this song. Tata ballad music increasingly makes the mood lively, especially coupled with the decline of rain. This song will make you feeling longing so much to your family.

Turning Home By David Nail

The song successfully delivered the singer David Nail nominated at the 53th Grammy Awards together with Carrie Underwood for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. The song is also in the 20th position on the US Billboard Hot Country Song charts. The narrative of this song re-describes the atmosphere of school time and his desire to return to his hometown.

Silent House By Dixie Chicks

The song released in 2006 tells a sad lyrics about the memory of a “home”. This song is presented by Chicks for his grandmother who suffered Alzheimer’s for 10 years. The narrative depicted is a dark story that wants to be forgotten when returning home with a description of a room full of memory. This song will make us realize that family is the most important thing in the world and in our life.

Home By Daughtry

The band formed by Chris Daughtry. As we know that Chris Daughtry is from the American Idol. The song, released in 2007, climbed at number 5 in Billboard 100 for several weeks before the album Daughtry was released. House is described as the place it should be. When someone long leaves home and decides to return.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas From Rascal Flats

This song was sung a lot by musicians like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. The original song was sung by Bing Rosby which was released in 1943. The song tells the story of soldiers and soldiers who devote their lives in distant places, giving rise to the tradition that Christmas is the waiting time to go home. Some singers who sang back this song including Rascal Flats have a purpose to capture a song that is very meaningful for people who feel the same feeling.

Tips For Download Mp3 From Youtube With Tubidy

How to download songs from YouTube is often sought by music fans who often listen to songs from YouTube. Indeed, streaming again from YouTube continuously can make the quota run out quickly. Especially as we all know that the amount of quota needed for streaming video is greater than streaming music that only contains sound. Therefore, downloading songs from YouTube to Mp3 is a wise choice. Actually, there are many ways that can be used to download YouTube videos to Mp3 that can be used. There are 5 different ways to download songs on YouTube. Whether it’s without an application or using an application. Some of the ways below can be done on a PC or Android.


The easiest way to download videos on YouTube is to use ytmp3. This application itself is a site created specifically for us who want to download videos from Ytmp3. Whether it’s a video trailer for a movie, a song, or something else. Following are the steps for downloading songs without an application on YouTube using Ytmp3. First of all, please open YouTube then search for the video or song you are downloading. Then copy the URL of the video. If it has been copied, then open a new tab in the browser and then open the ytmp3 site. Paste the video URL that you copied into the column provided by the site. Please, wait until the loading is complete. If you have, just click the download button that appears.


The second website that you can also use to download Mp3 from YouTube is FLVTO. Here is how to download Mp3 songs on YouTube using FLVTO. First of all please, Open YouTube, then find the video of the song you want to download. Don’t forget to copy the URL of the video. Then open the FLVTO website, then paste the YouTube video URL that you copied in the column provided in FLVTO. Then click the “CONVERT TO” button. Don’t forget the dropdown you chose Mp3 so that the song video on YouTube was downloaded as Mp3.

Next, just wait until the download is complete. Besides being able to download Mp3 songs free from YouTube, FLVTO can also be used to download Mp4 from other sites such as Metacafe Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion And much more So, this site is very versatile. Can be used to download videos from sites other than YouTube.

Add On Firefox

The third way to download Mp3 on YouTube is easier because it uses the help of add-ons, making it more practical. This method is perfect for you users of the Firefox browser on PC. The following are the steps. Open the Firefox browser on your PC, then download the YouTube mp3 dönüştürücü. mp3 Downloader add-ons. Then please open YouTube and look for the video you want to save as Mp3. If so, you will see a red button that says “DOWNLOAD mp3 of this Video”. Click the button to download. Then Firefox will automatically open a new tab that leads to the YouTube Mp3 video download link. Click the “Download” button again.


The next way to download Mp3 from YouTube is suitable for you Android users. This method will use an application called TubeMate, follow the steps below to download Mp3 videos from YouTube. Download the TubeMate application from the official website. Oh, yes. You can’t find TubeMate on the Google Play Store, so make sure you download it from the official website YouTube mp3 dönüştürücü. If TubeMate has been downloaded, double click to install. Then open the application. Look for the music video that you want to download as Mp3. Then touch the red button, then select the format “VOICE (MP3, 128k)”. There you can also see how big the file is.

The Most Popular Western Pop Song That You Must Listen

The entertainment world has become a daily public need, from the film industry to music. But not only about the film, the but song is also like a daily need for some people. In addition to easy listening, the reason is that western pop songs often to be popular everywhere, you know. Usually, songs that become hits are songs that have the same lyrics as stories that are often experienced by many people. So this is the most popular western pop song in the world.

My Feeling By Drake

My Feeling popularized by Drake is a very viral song in some countries in the world. This song is usually called the song “Kiki do you love me” because the lyrics in this song sound like that. This viral of the song is completed with the viral Kiki Challenge on Instagram, a challenge where someone is required to dance outside the car with the condition of the car running slowly while accompanied by the song In My Feeling, makes this song more popular.

I’ll Never Love Again By Lady Gaga

The song that released on October 5, 2018, is the soundtrack of the film A STAR IS BORN. This song will make its listener will cry if they listen until the end of this song. The meaning of this song is that when our loved ones leave us, sometimes we think that we don’t want to open our hearts to others because all our feelings are only for that person, agree?

Thank You Next By Ariana Grande

Who doesn’t know about Ariana Grande? She is a young American singer, where the songs she sings are always popular in the world, including the songs she released earlier last November, Thank you, next. This song received a positive response from world music connoisseurs to the Billboard 100 charts on the first day of release. This song is really making its listener more spirit to move on from the last love. The message to be conveyed from this song is don’t hate your ex-boyfriend, learn to love yourself more, and always believe that everything will be beautiful in time.

You Are The Reason By Calum Scott

This song by Calum Scott was released at the end of 2017, but this song is popular until now. This song tells the story of a man’s struggle to convince his lover. After he made a mistake, he ignored it. Until finally, he realized that his lover was someone who turned out to give a lot of meaning in his life, he was willing to climb every mountain and wade through every ocean just to be with his lover. For those of you who are having a lover, try singing this song and make it melt with the lyrics. This song has the meaning that never wastes your chance for someone who really cares for you. Because it just will make you feel upset.

Havana By Camila Cabello

Maybe many of you have heard a song from Camila Cabello titled Havana. Havana is one of the most popular songs in 2017. Although this song was released in the middle of 2017, this song is still popular today. The strains of music and the characteristics of how to sing have their own charm in this song. Havana’s popularity makes this song number one on official charts throughout the world. This achievement made Camila Cabello hold the longest number one position of female singers in 2017.

Kiss And Make Up By Dua Lipa

On his latest single, Dua Lipa took a Korean girl group that is currently very popular in the world, Blackpink. The song, which was released on October 18, 2018, was wrapped in a fairly thick Electronic Dance Music arrangement. The lyrics of this song have two languages, namely English and Korean.

you can listen song on tubidy

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